you look mad when you workout

If mad is the new term for the combination of focused, driven, and determined.. yep, I am mad as all get out.

No words can tell you how badly I want this.  I want to reach my potential as a CrossFit athlete, yet I am always the one in the way.  Why am soo afraid of my success?

Pshht..  fear. Fear? Of what? Trying so hard and not getting the outcome right away? Being judged? Being compared? Being average? Injury? Disappointment?

All of the above.

But that was then. NOW I am FULLY READY for this journey to begin. Tonight I had that fight in me for every. single. test.  I didn’t think about anything. I had full clarity like I used to during a WOD or lift.  When the row got rough, I just thought about how badly I want to reach my goals and fought even harder.

I forgot to mention how much I despise rowing. Pretty freaking exciting right?!

-3 large eggs
-4 pieces of bacon
-1 medium sweet potato
-all mixed together in one heaping pile of deliciousness
-cup of coffee
-fish oil


AM Testing:

a. 1RM Strict Press:. 110# (10# PR)
Notes: Failed on 115#; got it off my shoulders for a few seconds.. ok pretty much a millisecond, but still.
b. 85% 1RM Strict Press AMRAP: 5
Notes: Stuck out of the pocket on 6; held for a few seconds.. legit few seconds this time.
c. 1RM Pull-up: 27.5#
d. 85% 1RM Pull-up AMRAP: 1.. sad.
Notes: Inches away from rep 2
e. Max hold right/left side plank: 2:13 for both
Notes: Left lumber tightened within 15 seconds

Paleo tacos (1/2# ground beef with peppers, paprika, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, minced onion)
-cup of romaine lettuce as a torilla
-1/3 cup guacamole
-1 med & 1 sm golden potato
-med apple


Lay off me I’m starving.
Protein shake
1 golden potato
Rx’d blueberry bar


PM Testing:
500m row rest 90sec 500m row max effort.
Row 1:
1:47.1 34 s/m

Row 2:
1:48.0 35 s/m

My butt was on FIRE. It was fantastic.

Qdoba with Baker and Cope because they are the best. I forgot to mention they stayed and cheered me on while I trained so I wouldn’t be working out alone.. they do that a lot. Because like I said, THEY ARE THE BEST!

Buritto bowl
-Romaine lettuce
-Double chicken
-Zucchini veggies
-Verde salsa
-1/2 spoon full of guacamole
Lots and lot of water


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