tears of joy. literally.

Awesome Day!!! Supported Tim, Bobby, Ryan, and Nate in Springfield at their CrossFit competition at the State Fair with Baker.  I don’t think they realized how proud I was of them representing QTown.  Oh and how much they made me want to crush my testing tonight–total inspiration, thanks guys!! Win.

Got to see Greyson’s beaming face and hang out with my bff Pearce. Double win.

Coffee, turkey legs (never felt so cavewoman-like in my life), lemonade shake-ups, sunburn, and bonding with Baker. Multiple wins.

2:34 Grace time. MONSTER win.

So the whole tears of joy, welll basically the testing started off extremely disappointing.  Last PR on back squat was 235#.. dropped to 210#.  Tears were held back due to my complete disappointment.

Then Grace happened.  Baker asked me what my old time was (3:19).  I told him I wanted to get below that 3 minute mark.

I didn’t look at the clock once.  Talk about cheesin’ when I looked up after 30 reps of 95# clean & jerks and saw 2:34!!

tears of joy. literally.

3 large eggs
1 sweet potato
1 bag of apple crisps (freeze dried apples only ingredient)

Big ass turkey leg for time with a 30min time cap
Lemonade shakeup

Chicken with season salt
2 golden potatoes
protein shake

PM Testing:

a. 1RM Back Squat: 210# fml
b. 85% 1RM Back Squat: 4
c. AMRAP Strict Pull-Ups: 7
d. AMRAP Strict Ring Dips: 6
c. AMRAP Kipping Pull-ups rest 2min x4: 14,10,14,10
Notes: Grip and forearms fatigued
d. AMRAP Kipping Ring dips rest 2min x4: 7,5,3,2
f. Build to max Sorenson: 2:04
Notes: retesting this because feet were not set right (made it harder on myself)
Grace (30 c&j for time, 95#):
2:34 🙂

Post Wod meal:
Ground beef and egg plant mix
3 tbs almond butter


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