humbling moments

I kinda sucked at eating right today, although I am very proud of ignoring the temptation to buy waffle fries, frozen lemonade, and a brat with a bun and ketchup.. because let’s be honest, that’s what I WANTED at a Cub’s game.  I did get peanuts, but was the best I could do (and I am a cheapskate!)

So the second I got back I bought lots of groceries, and cannot WAIT to grill out all my goodies.

Gas Station Breakfast (sigh):
Cliff Bar
Mixed nuts (1.5oz) no peanuts

Paleo Frittata kudos to Julie Duffy!
..about enough servings for a small army

Lunch (sigh):
Bag of peanuts at the Cub’s game

Leafy greens
2 cups of mixed veggies
Banana chips
MIxed organic nuts no  peanuts


a. 1RM Close Grip Bench Press: 135#
b. AMRAP Close Grip Bench Press at 75#: 19
c. AMRAP push-upsx 5; 3 minutes rest b/w sets- STRICT form (chest only touches, butt down, elbows back): 15,11,12,11,10
d. 8RM External Rotation w/ db: 5# each arm; 10# got to 6 with good form on both
Notes: shoulders fatigued first
1 hour row: 11,436m; 2:38 average split; 22 s/m
Notes: last 7 minutes lower back pain; ass was numb after 30min.  Humbling.


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