Muscle ups and I are now friends.

Muscle ups and everything else in life, for that matter, are mental.  You can always get stronger, faster, and more agile.  Although, even if you have that strength, speed, and agility, but lack confidence your chances of succeeding are unlikely.  I TRULY believe that the ONLY thing holding me back is myself.  I am responsible for 100% of the decisions I make.  I have decided to be confident. 

Breakfast kudos to Andrew and Coplan:
-3 fried eggs
-homemade hashbrowns
-3 pieces of bacon

AM Accessory Work: 20min EMOM: 1 muscle up odd minute; 10sec handstand hold even minute
Notes: failed on 7th muscle up, got it back on 3rd attempt. 8th-10th were easy 


-2 brats
-mixed organic nuts
-3 pieces of bacon


PM z1 30min row/jog/swim: 
It was too perfect weather to not run.. so I ran. 🙂 

Paleo chili kudos to Andrew (Coplan pretended to help)
Mixed organic nuts

Night night. 



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