Happy Birthday QTown

Today is the year anniversary of QTown.  I need a solid day to write a post about how much this gym means to me–how IT and the PEOPLE have impacted me on a coaching level as well as how much better it has made me as an athlete.  It will be a novel. I’ll spare you the time for now.

banana with almond butter

2 burgers
2 hot dogs
1 brat

Rx’d bar
Kill Cliff

a. Strict press 4-6 21X0 rest 2min b/t sets x4: 65, (6); 65, (6); 65, (6); 70, (6)
b. Build to heavy 5rep TnG push jerk: 105# (was moderate to heavy)
C1) Push jerk x5 TnG rest 30sec: 105# each set
C2) Strict pull up, pronated 3-5 rest 2 minutes: 5 every set

Note: rested 10ish minutes
Unbroken Cindy: 8rounds +3 pull ups
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 bw squats

800m run cool down


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