I suck at logging my food.

3 fried eggs
1 sweet potato
2oz sausage

AM training:
Snack right before training: Rx’d bar
a. CGBP 6-8×4 rest 2min 20X0: 95, (6) each set

b. Ring row 6-10 x3 rest 90sec 2222: 10 each set almost parallel with the ground
c. Seated DB ext rotation 3-6/arm x3 3010 rest 90sec:
d. Scapular pullups 12-16×3 rest 60sec: 16 each set
e. accumlate 300sec FLR: 2min unbroken; 20-30sec sets after

PM training:

10min AMRAP at 85% effort: 6 rounds first amrap; 7 second amrap
5 t2b
10 RKBS 1.5 pood
run 200m

Rest 10 min x2


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