Aug 22nd

22 Aug 2013

A. Standing Press 8-10 x 3 @ 11X1; Rest 3 Minutes b/t: 65, (10) each set

B1. AMRAP Ring Dips -2 Reps Rest 90 Second: 7,5,6,5,3,4,3,5

B2. AMRAP Strict Pull-up -2 Reps Rest 90 Sec x 8: 5,6,5,5,5,5,5,5

C. Accumulate 3 Mins in FLR on Rings

 Rest 4+ 

Build to heavy 3 OVH Squat in 7 Minutes: 145# from the ground pretty easy


20 Minute EMOM: no failed attempts!!

Even 1 Muscle UP

Odd Rest


EMOM 10 Minutes of 2 Strict HSPU PERFECT FORM NO CRASHING into abmat. want these abmat + 2 35# plates for hands or no abmat/plate: failed on strict after minute 5. Kipped the rest. 


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