December 24th 2013

24 Dec 2013


A.Strict HSPU 3-5 x 5 rest 2-3 Minutes b/t (if this feels easy go for deficit, if not doable at those reps then add abmat)

B. WTD Pull up 1.1.1 Rest 15s/ Rest 2 Minutes x 6 (no dropping from top, full ROM then rest)

C. Split Jerk Build to tough in 10 Mins (If feeling it go for something) – Video tough or max

D. 60 GHD Sit ups for Time – Every 10th Rep do 8-10 Knees to Elbow


12 Min AMRAP @ 85-90% (Work on judging this effort by your breath)

5 Thrusters 85#

10 C2B Pull Ups

15 Box Jumps 24in Step Down

4rounds +15

Rest 7-10 Minutes

12 Min AMRAP @ 85-90% (Same think about what 100% effort would do to your breathing and  take some off of that to get to 90% Effort – unless it becomes a muscular endurance limited effort)

Row 250 Meters

5 HSPU Kipping

10 KBS 1.5pd

10 Burpees

3rounds + 157


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