January 3rd 2014

3 Jan 2014
2k Row
1 Mile Run
2k Row
– Work on pacing, I’d like this to a bit less then game day pace, 5% off at most, go by effort and breathing. Pick a row pace and see how it treats you, adjust as needed. Be thinking about what’s in the tank come last 300 to 200 meters in each row. consistent work and determining a good row pace per 500m is key for you.
Only ran 1mi at QU
A. EMOM 16 Minutes
Odd- 2 Muscle Ups – not unbroken
Even – 6 OHS @ 105#
B1. 12 1.5pd KBS Rest 30s
B2. 6 Kipping HSPU Rest 2 Minutes x 5
For Time:
300 DU
120m Sandbag Carry Heavy
30 Snatch @ 95#
30 Pistols Alternating – Use assistance if needed, try knee sleeves and different knee tracking (ie. externally rotated, thigh over foot, knee tracking over 2nd toe….) and opposite foot balancing (in front or to the side). Goal is to find some comfort.
20 Strict Pull Ups

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