February 27th, 2014

A. Front Squat 2-3×3; rest as needed- get it feeling good call it- called it

B. EMOM 8 Minutes

Odd – 1-2 PS not tng moderate: 85# went light

Even- 1 Snatch moderate 95# went light


15-20 Minutes of skill work on

burpees alone and with box jump overs

t2b – really concentrate on efficiency

DU – don’t overdue just feel out some sets

MU – Fast transition – catch with knees bent if you want to expand on this

HSPU – work on fast explosive efficient kip

PU/ C2B – feel out the push off on both

and whatever else you want – don’t overdue any of this 


Airdyne @ 85% 1 minute on rest 1 minute x 4 – go for same cals per


Row 1-2 minutes hard



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