Monday March 12th, 2014

Breakfast snack: 
1 banana
1 apple
5 hand fulls of in-shell pumpkin seeds with sea salt

Breakfast (made by the one and only Katie Tappe):
Sweet potato/bacon mix 
3 eggs over easy

8oz of Green Smoothie
Recipe (mades a huge mason jar full):
2 large cucumbers
1-2 stalks of celery–it’s strong in taste so be careful
1 small lemon
1 bundle of kale
3 golden delicious apples–I use organic because they honest to God make it sweeter 🙂
I use a Vitamix on high. If you don’t have a decent blender you will have weird chunks of kale, and that’s just not fun.

6oz? left over baked chicken from last night 
2 bundles of kale baked on 425, lightly coated with melted coconut oil and tons of sea salt
1 banana
1 apple
8oz green juice smoothie
Paleo Beef Sticks

Training: rest day


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