June 3rd, 2014

3 eggs over easy
4 pieces of bacon
1 medium sweet potato
(all mashed together in a pile of heaven)

5-6 handfuls of pumpkin seeds
3 tbs almond butter
1 cup of french vanilla black coffee
2oz Vemma

Few handfuls of frozen peas. Don’t judge. Try it.

1 1/2 large chicken breasts w/ cumin + garlic powder
1 large sweet potato
8ish oz Normandy blend veggies
24oz water

Nick’s Sticks

Videoed these skills:
1-arm KB or DB overhead squat, light/moderate: 55# KB each arm, pretty light

Ring dips, strict & kipping: 6 strict, 4 kipping: slight fatigue by rep 10

Single-, double-, and triple-unders: TBA didn’t have my rope :/

KB Turkish get-up, moderate/heavy: 35# each arm, moderate

Handstand walk: 3-ish steps

A. Back squat, build to a heavy single: 235#, started to feel heavy (didn’t have my olys or knee sleeves so it was a little harder than it would normally be)

For total calories:
1:30 AirDyne
1:30 rest
1:30 AirDyne

Our AirDyne doesn’t track calories correctly I guess? I didn’t know that until AFTER I was done. Awesome.
First AD: 36 cals
Second AD: 34 cals
One of the coach’s said that was way off by the effort I was giving, but I would have no clue either way.. sorry this doesn’t really help.
But I felt like I Fran afterwards so that’s fun.

1 Kill Cliff (Tasty)

2 massive burgers (80/20),  grilled plain
1/2 carton of mushrooms
6oz full fat coconut milk, honey, vanilla (aka paleo milkshake!)
18oz water



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