June 9th, 2014

3 eggs over easy
1 banana
4 pieces of bacon

2 brats with ketchup
2 cups rice with coconut aminos
1/2 bag of carrot chips with homemade guacamole (1 avocado, 4tbs salsa, + salt)
5 homemade plantain chips (cooked in grass fed butter)
6oz water

1 kill cliff (tasty flavor)
1 coffee Rx bar
2 tsp almond butter
10oz water

A. Front squat, build to a max: 225lb
The community at QTown is so badass.. I truly believe the only reason why I got this weight is because you all had my back, cheered me on, and believed I could do it! Thanks so much!! 🙂

Clean & jerk, build to a max: 175lb-not true max (old max is 190lb)

I shut it down early, because I was in my head on the split jerk.
For time:
500m row

1 1/2 brats with ketchup
2 cups of white rice with coconut aminos
8oz brussel sprouts with salt + pepper + 1 tsp olive oil
16oz water


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