June 14th, 2014

1 blueberry rx’d bar

A. Power clean, build to a touch-and-go 3RM: 165#

For time:
20 deadlifts, 185
20 CTB pull-ups
2 rope climbs
20 shoulder-to-overhead, 105
Time: 5:22
2:00 rest
For time:
15 1-arm overhead KB squat, 44
15 power snatch, 95

1. I suck at at climbs.. physically and emotionally 😉
2. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to switch arms on the overhead KB squat, so I did just in case, otherwise I probably would have just went unbroken with my right arm.
3. The weight on everything wasn’t an issue, just breathing.

Post WOD:
1 deer stick
1 scoop protein
1/2 scoop dextrose
1/2 scoop maltodextrin

Side salad with raspberry vinaigrette, tomatoes, carrots
1 burger with 2 pieces of bacon
potato salad

(Father’s Day) Treat:
regular size TCBY chocolate almond milk froyo
brownie bites, caramel, and mini m&m’s
I felt like dog shit afterwards.. surprise.


Movie Treats:
Dove dark chocolate sea salt with caramel
I didn’t learn my lesson, and continued to feel like dog shit. 🙂

Applebee’s chicken strawberry avocado salad with lime vinaigrette
1 bowl of chicken tortilla soup

Let the detox begin.. :/  Super excited to try some new recipes tonight and get back on track with Paleo.. wish I could blame my poor choices today on my Dad being in town, but I am so guilty it’s not even funny.



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