June 20th, 2014

Paleo granola

Swam a few laps freestyle + kick boarded a few laps

3 eggs over easy
4 pieces of bacon
1 sweet potato

40:00 AirDyne, off bike every 5:00 for 1/side moderate Turkish get-up + windmill
35# for turkish get-up & 25# for windmill

A. Hang squat clean, 7 x 1 tough but fast out of the hole; begin a rep every :60: 145# probably could have went heavier?
B. Front squat, 5-5-3-3, 30X1; 3:00 rest
3 rounds for time @ 80%:
15 wall balls, 20 to 10
30m reverse sled drag, very heavy grind: 225# + big prowler sled, not sure on weight
unbroken wall balls, pretty easily
sled drag was sooo tough, but very fun for that reason
3 sets not for time:
15 light/moderate reverse hypers: didn’t add weight, I never do these so I wanted to make sure I did them right before going moderate
:10-:15 L-sit on parallettes: 15sec each set

Post WOD
protein shake w/ malto + dextrose

1 side salad w/ strawberry vinaigrette
1/2 lb burger with mushroom and bacon
mixed veggies


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