June 28th, 2014

1 blueberry lara bar
5000m row @ Z1, off every 1000m for 5 CTB pull-ups + 10 hand-release push-ups

Roly Poly California Turkey without cheese or ranch + gluten free tortilla

A. Hang power snatch, 7 x 2 @ 105-115; begin a set every :60: 115#
5 sets for even times:
200m run @ 90% aerobic
3 muscle-ups
:90 rest
Not sure on splits, sorry
15:00 @ 85%:
3 heavy tire flips: not sure on weight, but it was really freaking heavy
3 wall walks
10 DB burpees, 45#/hand (chest-to-deck to standing w/DBs @ sides, no jump)
25m light prowler push: 145#
60 double-unders
Rounds: 3 + 1 tire flip

Post Wod:
Protein shake w/ malto + dextrose

The usual breakfast


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