August 1st, 2014

45:00 AirDyne, off bike every 5:00 for 3 wall walks

A. Squat clean, build quickly to a single @ 90% 1RM
B. Front squat, 2-2-1-1, 20X1; 3:00 rest: 175, 185, 205, 210
notes: felt heavy today
For 18:00:
1st minute: 15 wall balls, 20# to 10′
2nd minute: 5 box jumps w/step-down, 30″
3rd minute: 20m heavy Farmer’s walk
Notes: did all wb unbroken
3 sets not for time:
7 glute-ham raises
10 toes-to-bar, as strict as possible
glute-ham raises were tough-have to use a blue band for help


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