Sept 13th-16th

Fall Brawl: 2nd place overall
Fall Brawl: Tied 3rd place, 4th places overall team
Rested, ice bath..09.16

A. 1 push jerk + 1 split jerk, 5 x 1 working to a very heavy set – cut these out if wrist is still an issue; 2:00 rest: 185#
B. Segmented snatch-grip deadlift, (pause just off ground, just below knees, & mid-thigh on way up & down), 4 x 1 tough; 2:30 rest: 225# with straps (is this ok to use straps??)
C1. Weighted ring dips, 4 x 1-2, 20X1; :60 rest: 15 (2) all sets
C2. Weighted pronated-grip pull-ups, 4 x 3-4, 21X0; 2:00 rest 15# (4) first set then 15# (3)  last 3 sets
3 rounds not for time:
5-7 glute-ham raises, 30X0
20 hollow rocks (forward & back = 1)
AMRAP in 10:00:
Box jumps w/mandatory step-down, 24″It was either 158 or 168
Notes: I kept a consistent pace- I kept moving the whole time.. maybe at 90% effort until the last minute


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