September 19th, 2014

A. Squat clean, build quickly to a single @ 80-90%: 195#, failed standing up 205#
Notes: pull and catch felt great, just squat felt weak today
B. 1 paused front squat, 22X1 + 1 front squat, 20X1, 5 x 1; 2:30 rest: 155#
C1. Weighted glute-ham raises, 3 x 3-4, 40X1; :60 rest: unweighted 4 reps each set
Note: these are getting way stronger, and I think I am really close to using additional weight!
C2. Farmer’s walk, 3 x 50m heavy; :60 rest 70# each hand
2000m row @ Z1
2:03 average 500m split time
For time – long-term goal is sub-5, let’s see where you sit:
50 hang squat cleans, 115

Time: 5:09
Note: Do not start with a set a 10 unbroken reps.. bad idea! 5’s seemed to work well and not kill me!
Loved this workout though! 🙂


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