October 6th, 2014

A. Clean-grip deadlift, build to a heavy single – doesn’t have to be a true max, but if a PR is there go for it
315# (10# PR) did this alt grip though
B1. DB bench press, 4 x 3-4, 30X1; :60 rest
50# (4) each set
B2. Pendlay row, 4 x 2-3, 20X0; 2:00 rest
125# (3) each set
For 12:00:
1st minute: 2-3 unbroken muscle-ups: did 3 unbroken every set
2nd minute: 2-3 tough strict handstand push-ups: did 3 Rx’d every set, some unbroken some singles
3rd minute: :15 AirDyne @ high effort
9-7-5 for time:
Power snatch, 115
Box jump, 30″
Time: 4:22
1000m row cool-down – easy effort


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