November 4th, 2014

A. Find 1rm on Back Squat: 255# PR!
Rest 10 minutes
B. Amrap Back Squat (30X0): 225# x3
at TEMPO. 1 Set.  Break set if
Tempo is not sustained.
C1. DB Russian Step Ups 8/leg 30#’s
rest :30 btwn legs rest :60
C2. Double DB bent over rows 35#’s
8-10 reps rest :60
C2. GH Raises (30X0) 6-8 reps: 8 at tempo, should have done weighted
rest :90
x 4
D. For Time: 4:57.. muscle ups were all over the place.. used a weird set of rings and wasn’t focused.
Muscle ups (10/5)
Strict Pullups (20/15)
Chest to Bar Pullups (30/25)
E. Prowler Push (building length): 50# + prowler
*weight should allow you to be
explosive and fast throughout.
x 5 rest 2:30 between sets 
*altenate high handles/low handles

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