November 8th, 2014: RXD Athlete Camp

Session 1:
a. Build to heavy 1rep squat clean:
210# PR! Wish I had video! I got under 215# perfectly but couldn’t get out of the hold- tried like 3 times haha and had to bail
rest 2min

b. 8min AMRAP @ 85% of a:
180# 20reps
rest 2min

c. Max effort 500m row
Time: 1:41.2 PR!

Session 2:
1 attempt max strict pull ups:
11, inches away from 12 PR!
rest 2 minutes

2min AMRAP c2b pull ups:
rest 2 minutes
1 attempt max strict hspu:
6!!! 🙂 PR!
rest 2 minutes
2min AMRAP strict bar dips:
7– they used this weird attachment to the pull ups bars that was way too wide it felt awful
rest 5 minutes?

30 sec on 30sec off max calories on the assault bike:
50 cals

Session 3:
For time all out:
Power cleans @ 85#
burpee over bar, lateral but had to turn 180 degrees to face other direction (really awkward and extremely dizzy lol)
rest 12 min
Time 1: 3:59
Time 2: 4:13 I DIED on the second set of burpees!! My hamstrings/legs in general were DEAD!
unbroken cleans/mostly muscle cleans– weren’t easy though, definitely had to pause a few times to breathe!


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