Tuesday, November 25th , 2014

During my 5k row I prayed.

I didn’t ask for a quick row time, or to make the soreness in my ass go away.. I praised God. For my legs, my arms, my abilities, my hands and feet.. for the training partners I had by my side fighting through the same pain as me.  I prayed for my family and friends.  I thanked God for my parents and their support.. for a family to come home to for the holidays and for the people that have been a family to me since moved, who are constantly opening their doors to me whenever I am in need.

When I started to struggle and the thought of giving up crossed my mind, I closed my eyes and prayed. I have never felt so fast and light on the rower, so in control and aware of my body.  I was in the moment. I knew exactly what my split time was without even looking at the monitor by the feel of my muscles, speed, and the sound of the fan.

I will never forget how good today felt. I will never forget that I can do ANYTHING through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS me.  What a beautiful moment.

25min cap:
5k row
Amrap ring muscle ups

Row time: 20:51
Muscle ups: 13


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